Karlfred Design: Welcome

Karlfred Design is my local boutique creative firm in Chicago, IL. We work primarily with smaller clients who are businesses, individuals, and organizations. With businesses, we typically work with them from the beginning or come in to do complete branding overhauls to bring their look and feel current. With their new branding, comes increased customer counts, visibility, and sales. Many of our clients have been in areas such as health and wellness, financial investing, medical and dental, sports, and interior design.

With individuals, we work with a lot of musicians, artists, writers, personal trainers, attorneys, and business entrepreneurs. These people end up needing a portfolio online or a small website to help them either go after a job interview, promote themselves to potential customers through freelance work, and to establish themselves as a brand that they can grow with for years to come.

Organizations, such as churches, not-for-profits, and foundations usually need help with their branding and image since their budgets are sometimes limited and other times simply because they see marketing and design as a luxury instead of a necessity in order to grow. We boost fundraising efforts year round with new branding, websites, social media presence, and print promotional materials.

At Karlfred Design, we work with this varied clientele because the people are real, the business ideas are genuine, the effort is in motion, and all that's needed is a way to visually communicate their message to their audience. I repeat, we use our creative skills to visually communicate our 'client's ideas' to 'their audience'.

We communicate beautifully.